Department of Sociology


Sociology Department focuses on the systematic understanding of society, institutions and human social relationships. The fundamental aim of Sociology is to understand how human action and consciousness both shape and are shaped by social structures. Sociology has many sub-sections of study ranging from drastic changes to social stability, from deviance to conformity, from religion to politics, from individual dispositions to collective consciousness. Sociology is the study of individuals and society. What makes it unique among academic disciplines is its focus from a myriad of angles, on the linkages between our individual experience and the context of the wider society in which we live. Investigating the social ties between individual and society, between our private realm and the public sphere, and between freedom and constraint – these are the heart of Sociology.
A degree in Sociology gives you the skills needed to see society and human interactions in a different way. You will learn qualitative and quantitative methodologies, along with gaining a theoretical base. The skills learned from your degree will benefit you in future job positions or academic pursuits in a graduate program.

Mission Statement

The mission of Sociology (BS Program) at KIU Diamer Campus Chilas is to teach students the scientific skills needed to conduct theoretically sound and multifaceted analyses of human social phenomena at both local and global levels. The program will offer students various opportunities to develop and apply those skills through research and experiential learning activities in the Pakistani community. Through research, both theoretical and applied, we aim to improve the collective understanding of complex social realities. The overall mission of the program is to prepare young men and women to be a responsible and active participant in civic life, and transform them into trained sociologists in order to understand various social issues.


Our vision at sociology department is to develop an understanding of sociological behaviors among the students and to train them as sociologists, social workers and change agents for the betterment of society.

Degrees Offered

BS Sociology (4 years program)


Head of Department

Assistant Professor
Phone: 05812-960239   Ext 106