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How to check if Windows 10 21H2 is installed on your PC

Fixed the recognition issue for the supported device. Fixed the Home button keycode value on Dinput mode. Fixed USB connectivity issue with Steam on Switch mode. New function – swap Dpad and left joystick by pressing and holding LEFT+SELECT for 3 seconds . Fixed the battery indication error when connected to Switch.

Windows 11 will be supported by resources Microsoft with once-a-year updates. Microsoft hasn’t yet confirmed so, but the operating system should last just as long as Windows 10 did. Windows 11 brings a massive visual overhaul when compared to Windows 10. It also has new time-saving productivity features and fun entertainment features that make the upgrade worth it. Microsoft mentioned that it is planning to service Windows on an annual cycle.


Microsoft updated the animation when swiping to invoke and dismiss Notification Center from the right edge of your screen so that it’s more responsive and follows your finger. Windows 11 now has a redesigned version of the Print Queue app that matches the new modern design. The app also has easier to use with visuals that make it easier to view and manage print jobs. Also, you can use the “Shift + Right-click” shortcut to open the classic context menu instead of the modern alternative that offers fewer options. When using a Microsoft, work, or education account, “Favorites” and “Recent” files from will also appear on the “Home” page. Snap assist will now show the three most recent tabs of Microsoft Edge as suggestions to snap in the layout.

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  • Your computer will now scan all the hardware connected.
  • When you open it, you’ll even see a notice that it’s going away in a future update.
  • If you want to capture part of your screen, this software is what you can never miss.

You won’t be able to sync from your PC until you do one of the above. Both methods sync periodically and you can instruct either application to “Sync Now”. If you have any further questions, just respond to this thread.

Microsoft Defender is now a cross-platform cybersecurity app

However, you’re probably just as well off with the already-installed Xbox Game Bar (if you’re on Windows 10). PowerPoint’s Slide Show menu.It’ll then record your voice and camera, and you can use drawing tools to aid your explanations. Head to the Slide Show menu, and click the Record Slide Show button to start recording. You might be surprised to see PowerPoint in this article again, but it has a screen recording function, too. Here are four different tools you can use to capture video in Windows.

With Snip & Sketch open, click “New” to take a new screenshot. You can choose the tool at the top of the screen, similar to to the previous shortcut. After you take the screenshot, you can edit the screenshot in Snip & Sketch, then save it in a format other than PNG, such as a .JPEG or .GIF file. In order to take a screenshot on a Chromebook, again, there are a few different methods, but the easiest is a keyboard shortcut. Control + Show Windows keys will capture the whole screen, while Control + Shift + Show Windows will let you capture a selected area.

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