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How to Scan Windows 10 for Errors: 6 Steps with Pictures

This could mean removing the hard drive from your current machine and plugging it into a working computer, where you can scan for bad sectors. This could help determine whether the issue is repairable or if you need a new hard disk drive and a fresh install of Windows. Listed below are some of the possible solutions we came across to fix the “A disk read error occurred. Although the chances of this solution actually fixing the “A disk read error has occurred” error are meek, it is still worth giving a shot.

In some cases, the issue could be due to hardware. If you’re not certain that it’s an issue with the OS, try restoring your computer. Another option is to perform a scan using a third-party tool, like an antivirus program. Make sure to have the latest version of Windows and anti-malware software before performing a disk scan.

Try to replace the hard drive’s cable

Not allowing windows update to update drivers. You will need to upgrade the drivers regardless of the cause of your problem. If your computer keeps having the same problem even after all the trouble shooting there may be a problem with your hardware. You’ll need to replace the offending part if this is the case, unfortunately.

  • Every time you make a change , Windows creates a restore point.
  • Step 1 Restart computer and press the key which enters BIOS setup.
  • If your computer doesn’t boot again, then revert the SATA setting back to what it was and proceed to the next solution.

Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart’ and on restarting and choosing windows 7 again, I get the same error. A problem that has attacked a large number of Windows users. When the system has difficulty accessing the disk while the system is running, you simply get this error. This error sensation indicates that your hard drive is suffering from problems while your system is reading the situation.

How to check your drive for errors in Windows 10

The system files may also become corrupt or damaged for the same reasons. You’ll face a lot of problems and errors when using Windows or any other operating system; nevertheless, there’s always a way to fix those errors. This particular Windows error “a disk read error occurred press ctrl+alt+del to restart Windows” does not display alongside an error code, and it leaves you with a full-blank screen. When you see this message, it signifies that your HDD has stopped working fine. Along with the error is an instruction to press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart the PC. You should follow that advice and see if that solves the issue immediately.

The a disk read error occurred message means that your computer is unable to read the disk which your BIOS set to boot first due to disk error. Many different reasons can trigger this particular boot error. There is no guaranteed fix for this problem, but most of the time it indicates a hardware error. And ensure that hard drive is placed as the first boot priority before any others in the listing. By changing the settings your system may boot up normally.

You can easily fix this by entering the BIOS settings and resetting them to the factory output. Furthermore, you can even upgrade the BIOS settings as well. Apart from that, any other BIOS or firmware-related issue can also be one of the reasons for this. A virus attack, physically damaged drive, bad sector, corrupt file system, etc. are some other causes. A few unwanted read/write disk errors or warnings More Info occur. You will need to purchase a new disk and re-install your copy of Windows.

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