Sports Facilities

Karakoram International University, which is galloping its pursuit of curricular and co-curricular activities, is magnificently in the hunt of a square development of its scholars. As co-curricular activities are an integral part of the curriculum of the students. Sports’ Section of the University under the supervision of Mr. Aurangzeb Deputy Director Sports, celebrates the sports’ week annually to infuse sports’ zeal and zest into the students. In the whole week, the athletic charisma of the students worked for the wonder of the viewers.
The Directorate of Sports organizes the following tournaments every year at KIU:
Football (Boys), Tug of war (Boys & Girls), Cricket Field (Boys & Girls), Skiing (Boys & girls), Basketball (Boys), Badminton (Boys & Girls), Volleyball (Boys & Girls), Taekwondo (Boys & Girl), Table Tennis Hall (Boys & Girls), Lawn Tennis (Girls), Athletics (field Event) (Boys & Girls), Hiking & Tracking (Boys & Girls), Fitness Centre (Gym)