Admin Office

Administration Office of KIU Diamer campus is responsible to install, implement, ensure and overlook the KIU Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the smooth functioning of all its departments, branches and sections. The key priorities of the Administration are to ensure proper implementation of KIU Rules & Regulation; perusing Campus Code; ensuring coordination among all the stakeholders; emphasizing discipline; exercising merit; proper documentation and providing conducive environment to create professional impact and doing all this with a faith in the improvement of quality through streamlining the collective efforts and thereby achieve the vision and mission of KIU.

The Administration section also extends administrative support whenever required for smoothly conducting and functioning of all kind of academic, research and other campus activities/programs within the ambit of all available resources and manpower.

The dedicated team of Administration Branch headed by Assistant Director Admin aims to provide proficient administration under the direction/guidance of KIU Main Campus which will be perceived as admirable by its users, promote simplicity and openness, reflecting on our practice and engaging in constructive criticism to encourage continuous improvement while appropriately using technologies to achieve our objectives effectively.


  • Share responsibilities with the Competent Authorities.
  • Lead the way to elaborate the campus order.
  • Install Standing Operating Procedures (SOPs) for smooth functions.
  • Create friendly/ healthy atmosphere to support conducive academic activities.
  • Provide administration equilibrium to campus growth.
  • Cater to the furnishing demand.
  • Instigate ownership realization.
  • Exert to marginalize the administrative issues.
  • Essential monitoring of the campus.
  • Urge prompt response in order to give momentum to campus activities.
  • Regulate to ensure daily upkeep of the campus.

Team Member

Liaqat Raees
Acting Assistant Director
Phone: 05812-960239
 Ext. # 121

Abdul Nisar
Office Assistant
Phone: 05812-960238
 Ext. # 137