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Department of Sociology

Head of Department

Dr.Shuja Ur Rehman

Designation : Assistant Professor

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Contact No. : 05812-960239 Ext. 106

Department Introduction

The sociology department focuses on the systematic understanding of society, institutions, and human social relationships. The fundamental aim of Sociology is to understand how human action and consciousness both shape and are shaped by social structures. Sociology has many sub-sections of study ranging from drastic changes to social stability, from deviance to conformity, from religion to politics, from individual dispositions to collective consciousness. Sociology is the study of individuals and society. What makes it unique among academic disciplines is its focus from a myriad of angles, on the linkages between our individual experience and the context of the wider society in which we live. Investigating the social ties between individual and society, between our private realm and the public sphere, and between freedom and constraint – these are the heart of Sociology.
A degree in Sociology gives you the skills needed to see society and human interactions in a different way. You will learn qualitative and quantitative methodologies, along with gaining a theoretical base. The skills learned from your degree will benefit you in future job positions or academic pursuits in a graduate program.

Mission Statement

The content of the studies in the Department of Sociology is structured in a way so as to ensure a general sociological knowledge, as well as more specialized knowledge in individual subjects of sociology and other related social sciences. This ensures that the Undergraduate Programme is pluralistic in nature and covers the main sub-branches of Sociology. The Department of Sociology’s mission is to strengthen Social institutions through Sociological research and teaching. To equip graduating students of sociology with sociological knowledge and professional skills to work for peace, tolerance, and sustainability of society. Further, it also aims to integrate academic research with the developmental activities of government and non-government organizations and to enlighten all stakeholders of society about their resources, social problems, and their solution.


Sociology is an empirically oriented social science that studies social phenomena in their historical and synchronous dimensions. The aim of the Curriculum is to theoretically equip students in the fields of sociology, as well as to enable them to use the empirical methods of sociological research. Studies in Sociology are intended towards the development of autonomous and methodologically reflective sociological thinking for the scientific analysis of social problems, with an emphasis on developing students’ ability to reflect on the effects of their activity on social reality. The studies also aim at theoretically and methodologically based education to acquire knowledge about social structure, social interaction, and social institutions.

Programs Offered

  • BS Sociology (4 years program)

Faculty Members


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Designation : Lecturer

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Dr.Asif Wali

Designation : Lecturer

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Mr. Sultan Rahim

Designation : Lecturer (Course Coordinator )

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