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Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


The Karakoram International University is a leading institution of higher learning committed to social development and evolution of peaceful and pluralistic societies in the mountainous areas of Pakistan and geographically similar regions elsewhere.


To promote human development at all stages of life; through growth, evaluation, synthesis, dissemination and application of knowledge, and provide a service that values sustainable, humanitarian, and economic development of the environment.


The University is committed to uphold and promote:

  • Excellence and quality in all its functions including scholarship in its broader aspects, careful management and ethical considerations.
  • Acceptance of diversity and pluralism, with particular regard to gender, race, color, beliefs, culture and religion.
  • Holistic development of its students, faculty and staff as managers and critical users of knowledge and human resource.
  • A culture of inquiry, creativity, critical thinking, and free exchange of thought.
  • Relevance of its functions to the goals of development of individuals, society and environment.