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Department of Business Management

Head of Department

Dr. Talib Hussain

Designation : Assistant Professor

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Department Introduction

This department offers BBA Program for the students who seek to develop their career in business education and research. Our qualified and experienced faculty members have put a transparent and integrated system in position to inculcate the real localized market knowledge in teaching and research. Every student in our BBA program has a choice to choose one area of interest from different specialization.
The BBA programs in different areas of interest are developed with an objective to produce skilled professionals, with strong theoretical knowledge and advanced management skills that have the competence to deals with the issues in real market settings. The department of Business Management always provides and maintains quality education by using different innovative tools of teaching. Because of the geographical challenges of the areas we believe in assisting the marginalized people of the region opening new campuses

Department Vision

We are committed to being a business school in the Diamer District focused on leadership, entrepreneurship, and social change.

Department Mission

We create and disseminate knowledge, promote research, develop linkages and community engagement to transform the lives of our students by leveraging our geographical dividends for the benefit of our local and national constituents.

The department of business Management, being a leading and most prestigious department of the university provides a firm foundation to prepare students and professional to meet these challenges. acing business, industry, and society.

Programs Offered

  • BBA Bachelor of Business Administration (04 Years)

Faculty Members

Mr. Jahangir Alam

Designation : Lecturer

Email :

Contact No. : 05812-960239 Ext.106

Ms. Nafisa Noreen

Designation : Lecturer

Email :

Contact No. : 05812-960239 Ext. 148

Mr. Piar Karim

Designation : Lecturer

Email :

Contact No. : 05812-960239 Ext. 145