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Prof.Dr.Abdul Razaq

Assalamu Alaikum

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent; the most Merciful.

It is indeed an honor and great pleasure to be part of KIU family and to lead KIU-Dimer Chilas Campus as a Director. I would like to warmly welcome you to KIU-Diamer Campus Chilas.

KIU-Diamer Campus Chilas is located in a unique geographical location and the society of Diamer is very much conscious of its cultural and religious norms. KIU-Diamer Campus Chilas aims at educating and polishing its students in the best possible way keeping in view not only these cultural and religious principles but also the highly demanding educational requirements of the modern age.

We, here at KIU-Diamer Campus, Chilas focus on promoting in our students the sense to live in society believing in principles of peace, coexistence and tolerance. Producing useful and constructive citizens for society along with giving prime importance to the individual career development of our students has always been the pivot of the campus policies. Student sports clubs, societies, and magazines provide a great forum to students to enrich and sharpen their talent and help them to develop a sense to work in teams and communities collaboratively.

Dear students, here in Diamer Campus, you will find a culture of inquiry, a culture of asking questions, a culture that opens minds of its participants and builds confidence in them, a culture that is much different from the schools and colleges you previously attended, and a culture that will make you responsible and practical. We believe in professionalism. You will see the difference. KIU Diamer Campus will enable you not only to ask questions but to explore their possible answers as well. Our talented and experienced faculty will be your guides and allies on your journey of inquiry.

I want you to know that the entire University community is here to support, sustain, and encourage you as you commit to study at KIU-Diamer Campus. We look forward to the fresh ideas and energy you bring to our campus. Learning, innovating and leading have always been guiding principles for our campus. Campus facilities details are available on our website.

KIU-Diamer Campus Chilas is very much focused on educating its students keeping in view the needs and requirements of the local industry, in special and the society, in large. It believes in playing a distinctively constructive role in the development of the human resource of Diamer and the adjacent areas for the new emerging economic opportunities like CPEC and Dimer-Basha Dam.

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